Sunday, December 7, 2014

Blog Post #16 Final Reflection Video

This is a video of my reflection in EDM 310. This explains how much this class has helped me see the change in my future teaching career. I know that Dr. Strange may not realize it, but he has helped me learn things to become the best teacher I can be. I truly will cherish this class for the rest of my life. I know it has been a hard ride and this video is not long enough for everything, but I would like to say Thank you again to Dr. Strange for everything you do! I wish I could have went to one of those school days you told us about. Dr. Strange you always make sure to show us the real life setting of whatever technology is being used by a teacher already in a classroom.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Blog Post #14

We were assigned the article Teaching Our Children can be a profession, which was written by Joel Klein. It was published in USA today on November 17, 2014. In this article Joel talks about two of the main problems with in the teaching profession.

1. Problem with hiring teachers

I believe that it is very hard to get hired on with any school system after graduating, because so many graduate the education program every year from different schools. I also do not think that it should be based on who was the top in their class. College classes are hard, and if you have a future teacher who cares it will show in her student teaching and her everyday life. I know that I struggle with some classes, but that does not mean I am going to be a bad teacher. In today's school systems it takes someone who is going to be a go getter, that is willing to work hard. If a school system finds a teacher like this, I do believe that she should be hired.

2. Problem with Seniority

I believe that the problem with Seniority, is that teachers who have been there and have tenure are harder to just walk away from their job and harder to fire. I also believe that you should not let the last teacher hired go, because if she has a more effective teaching method, than an older teacher who has been there that shows a lot. Today we have to engage students with more than just lectures and notes in class. They like to be interactive in class, and be involved. I also believe the teachers who have been there for a while, can learn from the new teachers who just graduated. It is the ones who just graduated that know more about the technology that our students use today for everyday use in the classroom.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

C4K #11

Lylem- Nov. 2
His post was about the debate of Cardinals fans and Cub fans. He lives in Missouri and thinks the Cardinals are a great team, but that he is a fan of the Cubs. He said he supports the Cardinals when they are not playing the cubs.

I commented and said that I understood him argument on all of this. We have big rivalry in the south with SEC football. I am a huge Auburn Fan, but the rivalry between Alabama and LSU has always been big for us. I will pull for them as long as they are not playing Auburn. I have a friend that played at LSU and a boyfriend who is an Alabama fan so things get intense. (Which my comment I left before never got published, so I posted it again today.)

Sebastian- Nov. 23
His blog post was about how he loved this time of the year. He loves the Holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. He talks about what each Holiday means to him. He describes everything in great detail.

I responded with I agree with everything he has to say about the holidays. It is my favorite time of the year too. I explained why each holiday was special to me. I went in great detail of why so he could see exactly how I felt about them. I also told him what other holidays I looked forward to the most, and explained why I do.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Project 12 Part B

Blog Post #13

What did I leave out?

Assignment: This assignment would be for History Teachers or just for Teachers who want to include this in their classroom. Read this article and tell what it means to you. Also, tell me how Thanksgiving has changed in the way it is celebrated. This History of Thanksgiving is an amazing article from the History Channel and opens your eyes on a few things you may not know about Thanksgiving. Also The students would need to comment on another student's response to see how they feel or see thanksgiving with their families.

This would be my answer for this week!

This article is just a very detailed explanation of how Thanksgiving was started. This relates a lot to our past, but it also shows how things have continued to the present. The past shows us that we have come a long way with how thanksgiving is celebrated. It shows us how everything was started and that we need to be thankful that we have this time to spend with our families. I know that I cherish this holiday because you never know when the last time you will see your family; if your family is big this may be one of the only times you see all of them. This also shows us This shows that parades have been added and celebrated yearly. I know that I always have to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, it is the tradition at my house on thanksgiving morning. This article tells you all about it starting at Plymouth and the Mayflower with the pilgrims. It tells you that Thanksgiving became an official holiday in 1863. It was in 1623 that the pilgrims celebrated for 3 days, because they wanted to celebrate the harvest of their crops and have a feast! I believe that made a big impact on our lives from then on. It also goes over the traditions of the food we eat with our families on Thanksgiving Day. I believe one of the controversies that Thanksgiving started when they had the feast at Plymouth. I know that was the first thing I was taught when I learned about Thanksgiving, and how I appreciated it so much.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Blog Post #10

Little Kids...Big Potential
In this video the kids let us know how much they love blogging. The kids tell us how much it helps improve their work. As the kid at the beginning says, always say nice things, because you do not want to hurt anyones feelings. My mom has always told me basically the same thing, do not say anything if you cannot say anything nice. That is a good point for not only students, but for teachers as well. I am sure as a teacher, I will encounter something along those lines. When you are teaching kids you never know what will come out of their mouth when they are talking.

Interviewing with Mrs. Cassidy
I watched all three videos just like Dr. Strange had asked us to do. Mrs. Cassidy has been involved with technology for a while now, and she is even involved with her First Graders! We have learned that technology is very effective and is what our EDM 310 class is based on. I know that Mrs. Cassidy mentions many forms of technology in her interviews including: Blogging, Twitter, Skype, and SMARTboards. Blogging has became very powerful and exciting thing for kids. SMARTboards engage students, especially when you are doing active learning. The kids today love to get involved, and they love it even more if it has technology involved. When I entered this EDM 310 class, I had never blogged before. I have learned that I actually like it, and it helps me network with teachers, future teachers, students, and even people in the pageant world. It has helped my writing, and I hope it continues to get better. Mrs. Cassidy has done an outstanding job with her first grade students by introducing them to technology. The earlier they learn how to use technology is better for them, because technology is only going to get more advanced.

C4T #3

Mr. Eric Langhorst had been to a workshop named the 2014 Mount Vernon Missouri Teacher Workshop. He posted a few pictures from it to his blog. He impressed me with pictures, it would mean a lot to any history teacher. He said he had posted over 750 pictures to Flickr from this workshop. I told him I would hopefully be able to find them, that way I can see more of his experience through his pictures. A lot of these pictures I told him remind me of the American Village in Montevallo, Alabama. We went there on a field trip in 5th grade, and I absolutely loved it. This picture is just one of the ones from his page.

Project #12A Mastering SMARTboard tools!

Project #6 C4K summary

McKenzie J- In McKenzie's blog post she talks about the main character from The Diary of a Wimpy Kid. She answers the question, Could you be friends with the main character or not? why or why not?

Cali J- In Cali's blog she wrote a question, Who was the best volleyball player in 2012? I guessed her answer A. Savannah Voelzke. That name to me sounded sporty, and I thought it would be a great guess. Also, there was two other kids who had said A and she responded after that, and said yes that was the correct answer.

Claire- In Claire's blog post she was writing about herself. She describes how many family members she has, how many pets, and what her favorite book series are. I commented back telling Claire that I enjoyed getting to learn about her and her family. I also let her know that when I was growing up Harry Potter was something I was interested in for a little bit. I told her good luck with her reading and writing.

Sateki- In Sateki's Blog he talks about the Argo Amphibious ATV. He gives interesting facts like when the first one was made, and why it was given that name. I said that It was very interesting. I would like to ride in one of these since it does go on land and in water. I think that this reminds me of the place in Missouri called Come Ride the Ducks. I told him where I am from, people would enjoy this because you do not have to stop riding just because of water or deep water holes. Keep up the interesting blog posts.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Blog Post #9 What can Teachers and Students teach us about Project Based learning?

Seven Essentials for Project Based Learning It was after I read and watched these blog post that I realized what can come off as busy work to students. They will then feel disconnected with this project and it will not engage them. I know by printing out certain guidelines, it makes them not be able to use their imagination and creativity to be different. As a teacher you always want them to use their creativity. They should be able to make their own decisions about how they want to do their work or projects. I have learned that Project Based Learning focuses on 7 main concepts: 1. The Need to Know, which is used to engage the students. It would be the entry event, which could be done in many ways. 2. The Driving Question, is something that will be a clear purpose and challenge to the students. 3. Student voice and choice, you always want to make sure your students always have the ability to voice their opinion and choice. This is a way to be unique. 4. 21st Century Skills, which is what they will being to college and into the work force. This includes how they use critical thinking. 5. Inquiry and Innovation, which helps the kids with questions and how they should follow their ideas. They may use the internet and other resources. This will help their project be meaningful and be remembered. 6. Feedback and revision, which is what helps to make the project even better. I know that this could come from them, a classmate, any teachers, mentors, or anyone else who they feel would help them edit their work before presenting the work. 7. Publicly presented product, this is the final step of presenting their work. If they know they have to present it in front of either their class or the student body, they tend to work a little harder. As a teacher you always want to give them an Audience. I have learned a lot of great tips for the PBL projects and how to make my students look more presentable. I want to teach my kids how to think outside the box and be abstract. I now know, that it is very possible to engage students more effectively with a the PBL steps, verses having to give strict guidelines and only certain topics.

Project Based Learning for Teachers This video was very helpful to me, because it seems to have a lot of information for questions teachers or future teachers may have. It tells you exactly what common core is, and it tells you exactly what Project based Learning is. They show you what skills it takes. They explain exactly how technology plays a roll for both students and teachers. I believe what it said about PBL helps kids take charge of their learning. I enjoyed this video a lot.

PBL- High School Math This video was very important to me because it showed how they had a 5 year transition for the school. They showed how the teachers were actually getting to make their class by using Project Based Learning. I believe it would have been difficult at first, but I think I would eventually get it. Project Based Learning they said had already made a impact on test scores. They were hoping to get even higher after all of the classes were switched over. They have saw a change in students who were not normally engaged in class, who were now engaged and participating. Their 15% increase in students passing their High School Proficiency Exam in Reading was a good sign that it was working, and also the 18% increase in Algebra 2. I believe that that as a teacher would make me extremely happy, and I would make sure to be the best teacher I could be. I always say to my self, you may be the best thing they see all day, always be very nice and concerned about your students.

What Motivates Students? The kids in this video are very realistic. We all have been told since we were little, you can do anything you set your mind to, but there are things you have to do to get there. I really enjoyed the rewards part of the video. The little boy who talked about the clip chart and having class money, is what gives me an idea for my future classroom. I like the idea of having a different theme for each day to engage your kids. Let's be honest kids get bored and zone out really quick, they need something fun that will entertain them while they are learning.

Two Students solve the problem of watery Ketchup by Designing a new Cap This video is pretty cool, considering I eat ketchup on a lot of things. It is very interesting that these two boys worked together for a year, started with sixty designs and narrowed it down to thirty. They have even figured out how much it would cost the companies to switch to this kind of cap. They worked as a team, formatted it, and then printed it to test. I wish that I could think of some kind of project like this to be able to do. I appreciate Johnathan and Tyler doing this because hopefully the ketchup companies will eventually convert to a new lid.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

C4K #6

My C4K was Claire, and her post was about her and her family. I have learned there are 7 people in her family. She has a brother, a sister, a dog, and a fish. She is apart of the ACT class, which is meant for the gifted students. She enjoys reading and one of her favorite series if Harry Potter.

I said I enjoyed learning about Claire and her family. I have more of a smaller family, but I have two dogs. I want to learn more about her third grade class. I also let Claire know that when I was her age, one of my favorite series was Harry Potter.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Implications and Teaching Opportunities for Camera Use in Teaching and Learning

Part A
I know that 87% of people say that their phone never leaves their side. I know a lot of people will think that is not a good thing. When I think about that much percent is attached to their phone, it makes me think about my future students. I know that it means most of my students will have smart phone. I know that their can be a lot of distractions with phones like games, but also this technology we think may be a problem can also be a good thing. Smart phones can also have a lot of learning project possible ideas for a teacher.

It is my job to make sure that these smart phones are use in a productive way. An example of this in my classroom would be that, I can use twitter for my class to make quiz questions or for like a bell ringer. I could also use Facebook as a tool for a poll on what they think the correct answer is. This are both two different things that I could use. I know teachers that use both in their classroom right now, and it works out really well for them.

Part B
I know that by using the smart phones that students have, is using this tool that the school system did not have to pay for. A lot of students parents have given them a smart phone, and it is like carrying around a small computer. They can do almost anything on it, that they could with a computer. These cameras that are in the smart phones can come into use during class on many occasions. They could either video the lecture of you talking, take pictures of their homework assignments, and also record their self or each other to know how they need to make changes to a presentation. They could use different applications and websites to learn all about the lesson you are teaching. I feel like that the list could go on, and I could implement any kind of technology in my lesson plans.

Blog Post #8

Randy Pausch's Last Lecture

I thought that this video made me realize a lot. He is such an inspiration. He still will have an impact on students or anyone else who watches this video. I think by him rambling in the beginning of his lecture of his childhood dreams, helps makes everyone realize how many he accomplished, which I thought the Zero Gravity thing was pretty awesome to say you have done. I heard many things that stood out to me. The comment he made about being a teacher was what hit home. I have always been told this, Being a teacher is not for everyone. It will never be an easy job. It is that about the "brick walls are there, for us to prove how bad we want things." My mom has always told me something similar, "God puts us through things to make us want it even more."

I believe that the whole thing about the project he made his students do for two weeks, and telling them they were good but could be better helps students work better. I think that students do their best, but they always could use some criticizing to make their work better. I think that we future educators could use this in our future classrooms or even on our work in all of our classes. We are humans we make mistakes, and we are not meant to be stranded alone, we need people there to help us up when we fall. We need someone there to make us better always.

I believe that with him being an inspiration not only to me, but others as well it will help open our eyes on life. I know that he had a lot of people inspire him. If anyone feels the need to watch someone to maybe better their self or know someone else who needs to watch his video inspire them to watch it. I know that with this being his last lecture, he left an amazing last impression on people. I highly recommend this video to anyone. It will help you not to give up on your dreams, he has not given up on any of his dreams in the 47 years of his life. Do not let anyone crush your dreams, you make them want to see you fall, but you succeed and make them wish they were you.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

C4T #2

Mr. Burke Quantum Process

This blog post from Mr. Burke showed how even though he had to leave class early, he challenged his class to record each other and finish the problem. I watched the video that he shared of the class. This video showed us how much the class works together to figure out the answer. This video showed what students want to step up to the plate and learn more to do better in their classes. My comment on this blog post was that I feel that the whole video thing was a good thing. I think that if the class does this often you find out who the kids are that actually want to be there, and that want to better their learning skills. This kind of learning and recording their self will help them out in the long run because they can go back and watch it. It helps them see their mistakes they have made while working out a problem.

Mr. Burke Back to Blogging with my best class ever

He works with discussion of their work. He also makes sure that they have good reasoning for their answers and how they figured it out. He records them that way he can watch it and so can they. It helps some of them take notes that way they can better their self in his class. As you watch the video you can see that some students are not as involved as others in the class. I believe that if I was a student in this class, it would make me want to be involved with this. I think that this is an awesome idea as a teacher. It may have turned into a 80 minute discussion, but their was a reason that it went that long. I think that more teachers need to help students be engaged like this with anything they are teaching.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Blog Post #7

How do we all become learners?

!. I feel like that I am learning more everyday so that I can be prepared to teach my students how to use all this technology. My strengths are: I catch on easily, patience with people, and I love teaching new things. My Weakness are: I get stressed out with things needing to be done, procrastination, and getting distracted by having ADD. Over the next couple years have to accept the fact that classes will be more technology based. I know that twitter can be used for quiz questions, bonus, or extra credit questions like a friend of mine does teaching history at Montevallo High School.

2. I learned from these videos that children learn early on how to use technology. I have also learned how easy it is for children to learn how to make QR notes, how to make poppets, how to make and share Board Building, and they know how to use iMovie for different things for class. As teachers you can create centers using these different things. This videos show you that kids learn way faster than any college students. I know we did not grow up with technologies that they have access to now days. Children are now always going to have to use technology in their classes as they grow up and in their personal lives.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Blog Post #6

I have learned that being a teacher is very difficult. While teaching you have to make sure that you have hooks and projects that keep your kids interested. When you become a Teacher it is more than just a 7:30am to 3pm job. It is very possible to end up working sixteen hour days, even when that means you are not on the clock. There are many ways to keep that from happening. I learned of a really good search engine for your students, which is iCurio. I believe that if students use this, it would stop them from using different search engines that actually bring up inappropriate things they should not see. I also learned that using DiscoveryEd is really good to use, since most students learn now days by listening and watching. I always liked visuals growing up in school and still do today. Teaching is a very rewarding field to be in. Teachers should learn to be flexible and good with change for their schedules. Students always like when they get to use technology for different things during their classes. I do not think students should get to use it everyday though, it should be for learning and as a privilege. I learned that us future teachers should not stress when things are not perfect. Perfection is never going to happen. When planning out the next school year lessons, we should think in this order: State regulations to go over, year plans, month plans, week plans, and then do the daily lesson plans. When you want to see where your students are after you finish for the day quiz them and see if they took in most of what you said, and where you need to start off the next day.

Project #3

Monday, September 22, 2014

Blog Post 5

PLN's what are they? How can they help me as a Teacher?

Before reading about the personal learning network, I had never heard of them. I believe that these will help me be able to put all my websites together, which I can make that my homepage. I think who ever invented this had an awesome idea. I am actually disappointed I did not know about this until I read about it and watched videos of people explaining their use of one. On my personal learning network I can put any social media networks, search engines, and even use it for storing information I have found that I need to go back and look at.

I have decided that I am going to use Symbaloo for mine. I think that it would be a good fit for me, and I can set it as my homepage for my internet. I am all about learning new things that will be very helpful, to make things easier and quicker for you to find things. I believe doing this I will not be looking everywhere for my websites that I normally use for things.

My Sentence Videos

My Sentence

My Passion

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

8 Search Engines

1. Wolfram
I saw where you can generate any math problems, which is good if you are a teacher or a student. This one even lets you search to compare and contrast things. I saw where I clicked random, and it compared home health in the US vs. Uk. I think it is awesome that just in a couple clicks I can find out things like that. 2.Dog Pile
This website is really good to use when you need to find any pictures or videos. I could see my self using this website a lot with all the pictures I post on my blog posts.

This website is used to find any collection of articles and online materials that are provided for you. This website is very easy to navigate, and I know if I need to find a certain article it would be a good place to look for it.

I like how this website is targeted for students, teachers, caregivers and administrators. That means that basically anything I need as an educator I can search here on this website for it. Things that are targeted to my major pull me to want to use them more than any of the other search engines.
This is where you can find out anything that is trending through the web. I saw news articles, and I also saw things that had been posted on different forms of social media.
This is a social media site. This helps you find anything on Twitter or any other social media source that you may need to find people or things that have been posted. I think this website would help me find people that I have the same interest with. When people post something on twitter it is mainly about what they like or about their jobs. It may be that I find someone who can help with what I may be trying to teach to my class one day.
This search engine has it all. On this one I can search for Movies, News, Press Release, Articles, Projects, and Topics. I feel like this one is the one that has a more broad range of things you can search. This would probably be one of the ones I would use the most.
This is the worlds most private search engine. On this website you can find picture sources and places to watch videos. I think that if you do not want everyone to know what websites you have been going to, then it would be an awesome website engine to use for anything.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Blog Post #4 What questions do we ask? How do we ask?

Three Ways to Better ask questions in the classroom
I have read this article a couple of times and it just hits me hard. As a teacher you have so many things running through your head about questions your students may have, questions you did not expect, and just how you will explain everything to them that you would like them to know. This article is the one that explains to you there are teachers who have already went through the same thing you will go through and this is their advice to you. I believe that if you plan ahead with a list of questions to maybe help you and your students.When you are answering questions with your students, you also may want them to work for their answer. It is their responsibility to find the correct answer, make their brains get to turning do not just give them the answers. If there happens to be good questions that you may could use later in discussion or that you might could use year after year, keep those in a notebook and pull them out when needed. Also, I believe that hearing the questions not only once but in different ways with everything explained will be really good for when they are tested on the material.

Open Ended Questions
This video explains how you want to ask open ended questions. When you ask questions you want to make the student actually think harder than they normally would. If you do not ask open ended questions you will end up with one word answers, which is not good at all when it comes to discussion. The students will need to know the material for the rest of their life most of time so it will be used again. Teachers there is many ways to do this. For Example start with these: In what ways, For what reasons, and Describe in detail. These are awesome question starters, because it will get their brain to rolling and thinking harder. I will be teaching History and one question that I may ask would be, In what ways has the Declaration of Independence shaped our country into what it is today? That question can be answered with a lot of different answers, and a lot of good answers at that. People think history is not an important subject matter, I believe that if people like me would show students how important it is they would enjoy it more. History is what has shaped our country since people were coming to America.

Monday, September 8, 2014

How can you provide meaningful feedback to your peers?

Writing Peer Reviews Top !0 Mistakes
This video is very entertaining with the children and their nicknames. It is the nicknames of the children that help us understand that a peer review can be done in so many different ways. In this video it always went back to something that was positive, that is why I think when you have a negative comment about someones work, you should always make a way to bring it to be a positive. When you are giving a peer or classmate feedback on their work, you should always think how would I want them to correct my mistakes. By watching this video it has opened my mind and shown me ways to be able to cut out a lot of my mistakes that I have made that way they will not happen in the future.

Peer Editing with Perfection Tutorial
As I watched this tutorial, it taught me that you need to correct your peers so that it does not happen again, and to help them understand why it is wrong. It showed me that you need to be more tactful when giving a review, because you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar. When you are giving the review you do not want to sound like too picky, and that you point out everything of their work. This will help me as a teacher in my future classroom, so I will understand when and how to correct my students. It will be my responsibility to make sure my students understand to peer edit their work and maybe catch their mistakes before their work is turned in for grades. I believe no matter who paper you are editing you should always start with the positive things, and then also make the negative a good thing. For Example: a student may be doing really good with detail on a test, but has the wrong date. You could say, "Bo you did really good describing everything that lead to the event and why it happened, but next time make sure you have correct date because dates are a big thing in History".

Sunday, August 31, 2014

What will teaching be like in the 21st Century?

•Mr. Dancealot -
The central idea I feel like is that Mr. Dancealot does not actually teach his students since he was teaching a dance class, they should have been interacting the whole time. I feel like they should be in a ballroom the entire time learning, instead of reading out powerpoint slides. Also, it did not help students when he did the steps behind the big desk because they could not see him doing them. He never allowed them to practice to demonstrate the steps. I do not agree with him at all. I believe that all students should be interactive with their classes and not be falling asleep. If they could actually practice they would probably actually do better on their final.

•The Role of a teacher
It is Roberts that believes teaching in the 21st Century is strictly based on the technologies we have available to us. He also thinks the students to make sure they use their references, and I believe the teachers should help them by showing them how to use the different technologies. They should make sure their students understand, and can use them very easily. I do use google a lot, but there is other things I do not understand. I believe that being a future educator, it should be our job to make sure our students understand everything new we teach them. I believe in this because not all of the answers can be found on the internet.

•The Networked Student
While watching this video I realize that Wendy's proposition is the most effective way for networking by students. It is mostly about how you connect with others. People sometimes do not realize how easy it is to connect with people. It can just be the ones around you or many miles away. She uses many sources as bookmarks for later use including iTunes and Delicious. It is with these tools you see who exactly is getting effective by using these sources. I believe networking is one things that help students be more engaged in class and actually wanting to learn more. I agree with Mrs. Drexler, when you build connections it helps you with more sources that you probably did not know about. Also, when you have networking even with a few friends or a whole class you may have some similar ideas, but of course you are going to have more different opinions on a lot of things.

•Harness your students
Mrs. Davis thinks that she should teach and learn, but also her students should teach each other. She is no longer using pen and paper in her classroom. She believes that technology actually does better for all learners. I agree with her pen and paper gets old quick and it is not for everyone. Also, I believe technology helps you not to depend on notes, but to expand you to the whole internet with many options and ways to learn. I agree with her a hundred percent.

•Who is ahead in the learning race?
I feel like the Elementary students are ahead in all areas of using technologies. It is hard to use for college students because we did not all grow up using a macbook. I have one now, and it took a while to get use to it. I believe that the earlier you start using different programs it clicks better, and it becomes very natural to you.

Flipping the Classroom
• Yes, flipping is new to me. I feel like it is an awesome thing that would be very useful to any teachers. It also will be very helpful for students. Teachers will not have to waste time with the new subject matter besides answering questions that the students may have thought about over night. I believe the students will have longer to think abut the subject matter and come up with better questions to ask to understand. I would love to be able to do this as a teacher.

•Bringing the locker room into the classroom
I believe after reading this, it helped me understand you do not have to be the perfect teacher, you just have to be the best teacher for your students. It is with me wanting to also coach two very different sports, I understand you have to be willing to coach to these athletes ay the level they can understand. I will probably have a rough first year when i am in the real world teaching, but it will be the best experience to learn from.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

What about EDM 310?

After being gone for a year and changing my major, I have heard good luck with taking this class and that it will be very time consuming. I was very nervous first going to this class, but knowing two people in here makes it easier. We will be learning this together and can explain to each other, and make sure we are not lost. Being in class for only two days, has made me realize that this is not your normal college or high school class. The Problem of not knowing how to exactly how to do our homework, but having to figure it out on our own. I have never been in a class that I was expected to do something that I had not practiced. I believe to learn everything there is to know about this class, we would probably have to meet more than just twice a week. While in high school and some college classes I have always practiced before performing on a test or paper. I believe that I will just have to make sure I set aside a lot of time for this class. I also need to go to the lab to et help if I have any questions or get stumped. This class I know will help me out in the long run as an Educator. I do not think I have any other questions as of right now, but I will ask later if I end up having any.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Who am I? Why do I want to be an Educator? What does an Educator have to do in his or her practice? What are my Passions?

I am Carissa Watford, and I am from the small little town of Slocomb, Alabama. Most people either do not know where that is or they say oh the Tomato Capital, because Tomatoes are what we are known for. I attended Slocomb High School and graduated in May of 2011.My Hobbies include spending time with friends and family, competing in pageants, being a sister of Alpha Omicron Pi, supporting the Arthritis Research and Juvenile Arthritis, and volunteer with the Woodlands Scholarship Program, which is a scholarship Pageant in Alabama and in other states as well. I was a cheerleader and soccer player while in high school.My Family is a big part of my life. Being so close to them really tore me apart my Freshman year of college, because my parents moved to San Antonio, Texas which is now my second home. I was here at South Alabama attending school for two years, before returning home to help care for my grandfather who had alzheimer's disease. It was then when I realized how much family meant to me.

I chose the University of South Alabama for school after coming for a visit with my cousin who had accepted a scholarship to South Alabama. It was then that I knew where I would spend the next 4 years of my live to earn a degree, at the time which I thought would be nursing degree. I have sinse changed my major to Secondary Education in Social Science.I switched to Education because I thought it was the best fit for me. I would always tell my mom, I think I really need to be a teacher they just really do not make that much. I learned quickly it is not all about the money, it is about do you love your job and what you do for the rest of your life. I will always love teaching History to kids, because I think that history is a looked over subject sometimes. I believe that you should actually teach kids everything they need to know like my teachers in college did. It is that when we learn we do not need to let them just copy notes off the smart board, but yet learn as we go. I believe that yes dates are important, but not so important to keep up with every one of them for everything. I believe that you should cover everything and try not to step on anyones toes while doing so. It is my passion to make a difference in a child's life, because you may be there only person that pushes them to succeed in life. School could be the only place they feel loved meaning they do the best they can while there, and want to push harder because of who cares for them. I feel like you should push everyone to make sure they reach their goals they have set.


•Why I Chose Education
•How things should be taught
•Why I feel that teachers should care for their students more